3 support team members sitting 3 support team members sitting

Your Support Team

Working With Us

Your team at EveryDay Support From Day One is here to provide personalized support for you.

Your team includes 2 important roles:

  • A Patient Navigator
  • A specialty pharmacy

They work together with your child’s doctor and care team to help get the medicine your child needs.

Patient Navigator

A Patient Navigator will be your main point of contact at EveryDay Support From Day One. They will work closely with your child’s health care team and health insurance company to help your child start and stay on treatment.

Our Patient Navigators have years of experience working with patients and their families to help them with the health insurance process.

Your Patient Navigator is here to help with your specific needs. After you are enrolled in EveryDay Support From Day One, your Patient Navigator will help:

  • Review your child’s health plan benefits
  • Work with you, your child’s health care provider, and your health plan to help obtain health insurance coverage
  • Identify your financial assistance options, if needed
  • Work with our specialty pharmacy partners to help you get your child’s medication shipped to you
  • Request insurance reauthorization as needed
  • With monthly check-in calls to discuss any challenges or resources as needed

Meet the Team

Meet the people who will help your patients on their journey.

Headshot of Brittany, support team member
Brittany Patient Navigator Brittany has been working in the world of rare disease and patient support with a compassionate heart for over 8 years. She is dedicated to providing unwavering support through this journey that is often emotional and difficult. Brittany is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the lives of those facing these challenges.
Headshot of Danielle, support team member
Danielle Patient Navigator Danielle has 15 years of experience in positions across medical insurance and patient support fields. She brings valuable experience in providing care to a family member with a rare cancer diagnosis. As her personal mission, Danielle aims to assist patients through the challenging and emotional path that they may encounter.
Headshot of Katelyn, support team member
Katelyn Patient Navigator Katelyn has over 10 years of experience in patient assistance. Her motivation comes from her remarkable capability to provide compassionate support to patients, guiding them through their difficult diagnoses with a genuine commitment to making their journeys more manageable.
Headshot of Kristine, support team member
Kristine Patient Navigator With 16 years in the health care field, Kristine was drawn to the direct and impactful field of patient interaction, focusing on supporting patients with unique needs. Her journey is fueled by genuine passion to continue making a significant difference in the patient experience. She shows a commitment that goes beyond professional duty and reflects her heartfelt dedication to providing support for patients.

Specialty Pharmacy

Our special pharmacy partners will send your child’s medicine to your home. They provide important information about the treatment.

They have nurses and pharmacists who are experienced working with children and their families. They can answer your questions and address any concerns you might have about the treatment.

They may be able to help with any questions or concerns you may have about treatment, and will provide:

  • Counseling with a pharmacist on how to give your child their medicine
  • Calls with a nurse or pharmacist to talk about potential side effects and ways to manage them*
  • Advice on how to prepare, measure, and give a liquid formulation of the medicine, if needed
  • Reminders to schedule the next shipment
  • Ongoing clinical support for treatment as needed

*Call your care team for medical advice about side effects.

Important reminder:

You may receive a phone call from a number you do not recognize. We recommend you save the phone numbers for your Patient Navigator and specialty pharmacy to your contact list in your phone.

To get connected to your dedicated support team, provide consent to enroll in EveryDay Support From Day One. To complete enrollment, your health care provider must fill out and submit the enrollment form.